Our Story

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An Irishman and a Greek met up one night and conjured the idea of bringing some life to an old historical street named after the cobblestones embedded in its terrain.

The marriage of nationalities led to a journey inspired by Homer’s odyssey and James Joyce’s Ulysses. Ulysses folkhouse gave birth to a life of ales, whiskey and cocktails the street had never seen.

The street opened up to parties and festivals w/ the promise of conviviality and rays of sunshine left off of our special board. Music filled the rooms from rock, folk and Irish traditional sessiúns arousing a sense of pride from all welcome.

The party began and never ended.

We pride ourselves on keeping alive the dream two men had 15 years ago.


Danny McDonald

Danny McDonald’s Irish roots were firmly engrained growing up in County Laois, Ireland. As a young man he felt the magnetic pull draw him back to his birthplace of New York. He mastered the elusive quality of knowing exactly what people crave in a great pub; quality drinks, delicious food and a way to forget the workday behind them. He detailed this craft at Swift Hibernian lounge followed by a successful second act at Puck Fair, which wrote its own story and added to the life and character of Soho for over a decade. His partnership w/ Peter Poulakakous continued the journey onto Stone St. with the birth of Ulysses.

Peter Poulakakos

Peter Poulakakos was born into a world of hospitality from his legendary father Harry, whose Downtown restaurant has been a mainstay institution for the last four decades. Peter enjoys threading great service, exceptional food and a welcoming ambiance in unison. This has resulted in luminaries such as Dead rabbit, Bathtub Gin, Adriennes, LeDistrict and Harrys, which have jumpstarted a community of nightlife and character to a street that was in much need of resuscitation. Peter proves that the apple doesn’t fall far from the family tree.

Mike Jewell

Michael Jewell traded Belfast for a life of adventure and excitement in New York, he brought his charm and humour to Flemings pub and honed his skills at Abbey Tavern. His alliance with Danny McDonald commenced at Swift Hibernian lounge and the partnership of Puck fair forged a lifelong friendship. His maiden voyage to downtown Manhattan resulted in the New York pub of his Belfast dreams. His alliance with Peter and Danny continues to shape the landscape of stone street.


The Main Room


The spacious Main Bar captures the heart of a timeless bar that could easily be mistaken for a popular Dublin hangout or a country village spot found in Co. Kerry.

It features cozy snugs and a double-faced bar divided by confession-box style partitions, surrounded by booths and high tops to add an eclectic element to the room.  Liscannor stone slabs direct from Ireland partition the rooms with an ancient wall, that looks like it was smuggled in from the cliffs of Moher and panel the floor to lock in the secrets of the room.

The shelves groan from the weight of our impressive selection of whiskeys, unpronounceable scotches, bourbons and bespoke gins.  Craft ales, lagers and local brews greet our guests at every corner of the room.

DJ spins til late every Wednesday thru’ Saturday evening. See Live Music for more details. 

open from 11am - 4am every day




The relationship we have with the bang of a drum and the strings of a guitar is elevated with our rare whiskeys, craft ales and ready to enjoy cocktails.  Ulysses’s Siren’s bar features a wide varietal of acts chosen to nourish your soul and remind you that a sing-along is not against the rules. James Joyce and Homer observe the revelry from their columns.

Local favorites dip their toes in rock classics and current hits to a room chanting ‘one more song’ and the party continues way past their curfew.  

open from 11am - 4am every day


Outdoors on stone street


The essential ingredients of our Outdoor space are the stones on the street and the sun in the sky, Ulysses delivers the rest on a tray.

Once Winter sheds it’s dreariness, the street echoes the spirit of the neighborhood, from Wall street bankers letting off a little steam to locals who bring their puppies for a walk and end up meeting friends for a burger and a well-deserved beer.

The Outdoor brings the excitement and atmosphere we crave, with everything else on the menu.

open from 11am - 4am every day